Colorado Traffic Net

"Specializing in the first and last mile of NTS delivery in Colorado."

Primary Repeaters

The CTN primarily operates on the Colorado Connection state-wide system of linked repeaters at 7:00pm Mountain Time every day. To retrieve the most current list of frequencies in the linked system, please visit:

Alternate Frequencies

The following is a list of repeaters that our traffic handlers commonly use to pass messages off frequency during the net. This frees up time for the net to continue while stations pass traffic elsewhere.

146.640-100.0WBØTUBDenver Radio LeagueCentennial Cone, Golden
146.940-103.5WØWYXRocky Mountain Radio LeagueSquaw Mountain, Idaho Springs
146.970-100.0KBØSRJPikes Peak FM AssocPikes Peak, Colorado Springs
448.225-141.3NØSZRocky Mountain HamSquaw Mountain, Idaho Springs
449.225-141.3NØSZRocky Mountain HamThorodin Mountain, Blackhawk
147.540156.7primary 2m FM simplex
441.225156.7primary 70cm FM simplex
3989 khz primary 75m LSB
7230 khz primary 40m LSB
Any talk group from the RM Ham Code Plugs.

Regular traffic handlers are encouraged to become familiar with which of these alternate repeaters are reachable from their station and have them quickly accessible. This is not intended to be a complete list, and stations are welcome and encouraged to coordinate any frequency they choose to pass traffic outside of the net. Please remember to ask whether or not a repeater is in use before passing traffic on an alternate frequency.

VHF Packet

The Colorado Traffic League (CTL) packet node is located on Saddleback Mountain about 30 miles west of Denver. The packet station BBS is up 24/7 on frequency 145.050 MHz using call sign K0NTS-1. You are welcome to leave formal NTS traffic on the CTL BBS.

If you have difficulty connecting directly, try connecting via AG0S, AC0VC, AC0KQ or N4ATA.

HF Traffic Nets

The CTN maintains regular liaison with various HF Nets.

FreqModeNameTime (mountain)More Info
3985.0 kHzLSB75MeterISBN0100Z 
3986.0 kHzLSBAZ Section Traffic Net(see web site)web site
7272.0 kHzLSBBeehive Utah Netdaily 7:30pmweb site
7253.5 kHzLSBCentral States Traffic NetMon - Fri 12:30pm 
3810.0 kHzLSBColorado ARES HF NetSun 8:00am 
3989.0 kHzLSBColorado Columbine Netdaily 7:30pm 
7240.0 kHzLSBHigh Noon Netdaily noonweb site
3937.0 kHzLSBIdaho Farm Net0200Z 
3920.0 kHzLSBKansas Phone Netdaily 6:45am 
3939.0 kHzLSBNM Breakfast Club Netdaily 6:30am 
3923.5 kHzLSBNTS Twelfth Region Netdaily 7:00am 
7233.0 kHzLSBNTS Twelfth Region NetMon - Sat 4:00pm 
7228.0 kHzLSBNTS Twelfth Region NetSun 4:00pm 
14.340 mHzUSBPacific Area Net "PAN"M-W-F 2230Z 
7062.5 kHzCWTWN CW Netdaily 8:30pm 
3923.5 kHzLSBWyoming Cowboy Net0045Z 


You may also pass traffic into and out of Colorado via WinLink to our club call KØNTS